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Bhutan Homestay

Let’s Wander…Creative travel in the Himalayan Kingdom!

Bhutan Homestay is a Bhutan based, registered tour operator that specializes in sustainable and ethical travel. Bhutan Homestay aims at benefiting rural communities by offering a range of farm- and homestays to guests. Bhutan Homestay also initiates local crafts workshops for guests such as weaving in Lhuentse and bamboo weaving in Trashigang. This shall generate some income for farmers and counter rural urban migration. Bhutan Homestay is  one of our main local partners and also supports our Bhutan Network farmers by a range of activities, from sending guests to their homes, sponsoring and the purchase of equipment.

2% of every tour cost flow into a fund that is also used for our Bhutan Network projects. Bhutan Homestay also organizes our Bhutan Network tours for members.